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Pharma wisdom is a pharmaceutical consultancy company providing a wide range of services in the field of pharma.
Pharma wisdom is a team of highly experienced pharma professionals with huge experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals.

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Pharma wisdom 2018 pursuing jobs in the areas of clinical research, pharma co vigilance, medico-marketing, training and development, regulatory affairs, patents, and food laws and manufacturing.
There are different posts available in the field of pharma. With the help of pharma wisdom, people get a satisfying job in pharmaceuticals and pharma technology.

Pharma wisdom Jobs

It organizes various career hunt programs in various cities of India and certified newcomers.
As our technology grown rapidly, career options are also increases. The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces and market pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications. As the industry increases the market for drugs, opportunities also increase for youngsters. 
Pharma wisdom is basically related to pharma jobs where thousands of youngsters getting jobs. 
Pharma wisdom provides services in several fields-

  • Clinical Research
  • Training and Development
  • Medico Marketing
  • Pharma Co Vigilance
  • Patents and food laws
  • Regulatory Affairs

Clinical Research:-

Pharma wisdom jobs offer to conceptualize and design clinical trials as per regulatory requirements, prepare protocols, patient diaries, study management to the right vendor and offer guidance till the final report generation. Pharma wisdom provides listed services in the field of clinical research-

  • Gap analysis in clinical development
  • Conceptualization of the study
  • Preparation of protocol
  • Preparation of patient diaries
  • Final report generation

Training and Development:-

Training and development is a lifelong process in the pharma industry where new information is available almost daily. The representative has to be knowledgeable about the products he is promoting. Hence, training becomes an integral part of his success strategy. Pharma wisdom can make training schedules for companies depending upon their product.

Medico Marketing:-

Pharma wisdom has a team of experienced medical advisors on board who will help in the proper positioning of the brand. Pharma wisdom offered a complete package equivalent to medical services with increasing restrictions set voluntarily by the pharmaceutical industry association.

pharma wisdom

Pharma Co Vigilance:-

Pharma wisdom job has the ability to set up a pharma co vigilance case processing unit and populate it with qualified and trained associates having the right skill sets, transition the tasks and manage the project to the sponsor's satisfaction. 

Pharma wisdom offers the setup and execution of a pharma co vigilance project like-

  • Due diligence of existing facilities
  • Basic training of associates 
  • Advanced training for value addition

To get a job in pharma co vigilance, first of all, we have to check out the list of pharma companies in the city or country you would like to do the job. Each company publishes a lot of such lists on his blog. Once you have listed out the companies, try on their individual career portal on their website. 
Whenever you apply for a job, modify your CV a bit according to the job description they posted. Keep updating your knowledge and update yourself.

Patents and Food laws-
Pharma wisdom offers filing if the patent, defense of patents, appearance in courts etc.

Regulatory Affairs-
There are groundbreaking changes happening in the pharma regulations. With decades of regulatory affairs experience. Pharma wisdom in the best position to help you prepare a regulatory strategy and assist in various fields.

The scope of pharmacy in India after B.Pharma degree is varied. In India after B.Pharma job opportunities can be explained under four heads-
The scope of B.Pharma in the government sector- drug inspector, pharmacist.

The scope of B.Pharma in private sector- Pharmaceutical marketing, marketing devices, and quality control.

Self-employment opportunities- Pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, Dr. Reddy's, Al chem lab, Bio con, Uni chem labs, etc.

Opportunities after higher educations- M.Pharma, MBA, MS, Ph.D., LLB.


In simple language, we can say that Pharma wisdom is an enlightening spark of professionalism transforming education into practice dedicated to pharmacy professionals.

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